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Old saying is “A picture is Equals to Thousand Words…” but is it really have any impact in rapidly changing ecommerce world? Answer is yes absolutely, but now picture is replaced with the Photo or Image in this digital era. Image search is become a vital component of online activities of customers. Image search is a one of the easiest way to reach on ecommerce store.

Image Search Helps Online Retailers to Find and Retain Customers

Ecommerce website development companies are considering this fact to develop an efficient ecommerce website. So, every company guide their clients about how to use image search for the betterment of ecommerce store and how image search is changing the ecommerce. Below are the core ways how image search is changing ecommerce.

8 Ways Image Search is Changing Ecommerce

If retailers understand a importance of a quality image and understand the Goggles algorithm then company can capitalize image searching and run a ecommerce store successfully. Here remember Google is a largest player currently for online searching.

Conducting Reverse Searching

Google search allows clients to perform a reverse image search to find related images of product. An ecommerce store should utilize this advantage by uploading an image file of every product. Describe this image file with related descriptive titles and alt texts so Google crawlers can understand what image is all about. Once image file of product is crawled by Google crawler and indexed in search results customers of ecommerce store can easily find it.

A More Immersive Image Experience

Google allows visitors to more engaged with the image related to ecommerce store or online marketplace. For ease of consumers, Google removes view image button so that customers of ecommerce store can directly see the image in the context of their web page. This makes image attractive and more attractive for consumers to find a product page easily. Every marketplace should work on strategy to how to guide customers from image search to ecommerce website.

Keyword and Alt Text Optimization

Image optimization is a one of the basic task of SEO. Keywords related to images and alternate text for a product image must utilized to describe the images. Alt text allows users to know about image even if image not loaded properly. It also helps bots to understand image and allows them to categorize properly. To gain a crucial searches every ecommerce store should attach a keyword with the images.

A Platform For User Generated Images

It would be a good sign for ecommerce store if users upload their image on other platform and describe good words about product. This user generated contents always help online market place to win new customers. Always ask your loyal customers to share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platform. This influence new consumers and promote your brand.

Importance of Voice Search

We all know Alt text is used to categorise image in right way but it is also useful in Voice Search. Recently uses of voice search through Siri, Google Search Asisitant etc. are increased because of easiness in search and high use of mobile applications.  This voice search applications categorise images with the alt text and make path of consumer easy to towards the ecommerce website.

Scan-In-Buy App Technology

Smart phones are revolutionized the every industry and search including image search. Maximum purchases from online marketplace and ecommerce store are done with the mobile application. Many ecommerce stores take advantage of technology by allowing their consumers to search through image and make purchase of product convenient. 

Other Platforms are Getting The Message

Google is leading but it is not a only player Pinterest, ecommerce giant Amazon , EBay are also playing a major role in image search. Few of them use artificial intelligence (AI) to empower their customer and enable consumers to search products using images search functionality.

Inclusion of Visual Search Chatbots

Before some time Chatbots are only useful for traditional search but now scope of it is changed and now ecommerce stores uses chatbots for visual search also. Visual chatbots reveals new products to customers based on images that are placed in the chatbot window. This tool can also handle basic questions from customers, vastly improving the overall customer experience.


As a known vendor of custom ecommerce website development services Hire Magento Developers experienced that consumers recognize text, video, images or other social media essentials quickly and these items drive ecommerce sales. But we have observed that many ecommerce stores and online marketplaces missing out sales and traffic using quality images.  We know the importance of image search and we can turn image searches into profitable strategy.

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