Why Magento is Best for eCommerce Website Development


Doing business over the internet increases global reach, expands business availability and efficient customer services. eCommerce is a model in which you can explore products, know about services, access to product specifications and know the prices to buy at one place and all this without actually visiting store.

Various recent statistics shows trend to shop online is increasing drastically and customers prefer to buy over mouse click instead of face to face buying. This scenario creates win-win situation for both customers and business owners. Customers get unlimited benefits and business owners can sell their products or services anywhere anytime. And, cherry on cake is eCommerce is becoming more and more popular on smart phones and tablets.

eCommerce Platform

eCommerce is not a business model where we put thousands products on our online store and eCommerce website and watching orders to roll in. Also, it is not that simple, only having ecommerce website in working condition is not enough. As in real shopping real shopping also customers are king and if you give less than customer want you are “out of the business”.

In order to get incredibly successful ecommerce website, first step is to select right platform and “Magento” is magic word. There are many eCommerce platforms available in market but Magento is a not only far ahead but popularity of Magento eCommerce platform is increasing day by day due to rich feature, powerful inbuilt functionalities and largely available extensions.

Magento is best for ecommerce website development

Magento ecommerce website development is a perfect solution for small businesses to big brands and Magento is widely accepted for eCommerce development. There are several things that will impress every online retail store and eCommerce website owner.

Below are the reasons that proves Magento is Best for eCommerce Website Development

  • Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source platform allowing users and to add – modify source code, easily adding and removing various features using add-ons and plug-ins / extensions. Magento Community edition is absolutely free for download.

  • Easier Website Management

Magento enable you to manage multiple ecommerce website from single admin panel. All the sales and customers can be managed through single database. Magento also makes easier eCommerce website management with features like multi-language, multi-currency support, international support, product browsing, shipping, order management etc

  • Scalable Platform

Magento customization allows you to mold Magento ecommerce website as per your requirements no mater you are small business or large enterprise. Magento is highly scalable and flexible and easily customizable for different size, requirement complexity and scope of business.

  • User-Friendliness

Magento ecommerce website development gives you easier and much cleaner look and generates great buying experience. Your eCommerce website inspires visitors to buy using features like navigation and design zoom-in capability, product reviews, multiple images of a product

  • Search Engine Optimization

Magento eCommerce website is completely search engine friendly. Search engines love Magento because it creates very clean URLs, tags and descriptions. Also powerful tools like Up-Sells and Cross-Sells that encourage the visitors to order more products. Learn how to create SEO friendly Magento eCommerce websites.

  • Magento Supports Mobile Commerce

Now, HTML5 capabilities are integrated in the both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise edition to facilitate eCommerce website owner. Magento improves mobile shopping experience across multiple web browsers and devices. Magento eCommerce website development also facilitate with the features like gesture-based controls, image scaling, use of both inbuilt audio and video capabilities drag and drop facilities for shopping carts etc.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Effectively keep track of your site visitors with the Magento. Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout can be easily associate with Magento to get reports on shopping cart abandonment, search terms used within your store, most viewed products, etc.

  • Security and Payment Option:

Magento is a secure platform. The implementation of SSL security and dedicated IP is easy. Customers will buy from your Magento stores with a feel safe. Magento provides different payment methods, like PayPal, Authorize.net, Google etc. Customers can also pay through check/money order, credit cards, purchase order and many more.

All Features Online Retail Store and eCommerce Website Owner Need:

Magento ecommerce solutions are 100% customizable and we can design our theme, customize existing Magento theme, adding or removing custom module to develop well performing ecommerce website. Magento is a flexible and scalable ecommerce solution with powerful admin panel that helps in Track and Ship, Inventory Management, Control Pricing, Coupons etc.

Features and available services like Magento theme design, new Magento website development, adding products, editing pages, Magento store customization, managing online store with ease, support of various tools to improve SEO helps in driving business growth through Magento.

Although Magento is easy to use, building and designing the site takes a strong knowledge of the platform. One of the most important things you need to do when establishing your e-commerce site is hire magento development company like Hire Magento Developers for quality and affordable Magento development in quick time.

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