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Ecommerce business is the most demanded one in the digital age we live in today. PSD ecommerce stores are poor in design and interface. With rising competition, it becomes difficult for PSD websites to survive, especially when counterparts have switched from PSD to Magento.

Did you know that 53% of global internet users shopped online in 2016? It means that over 1 billion people purchase products from ecommerce stores. This fierce competition in the market is compelling ecommerce stores to make a shift from PSD to Magento that could improve the overall look and feel of website.

Let’s understand how PSD to Magento conversion help in boosting online sales:

Overall Compatibility with the Web

PSD files are not necessarily compatible with the web. If an end-user comes across any compatibility issue while browsing through an ecommerce store, he/she would immediately leave the website. PSD to Magento theme conversion ensures your website is compatible with web and all other devices that are used by customers.

Eliminate the risk of presenting users with compatibility issues by procuring the most reliable PSD to Magento conversion service from Indian company.

Create Pixel Perfect Design with Magento

PSD files created using Adobe Photoshop have multiple layers and are quite complex to understand. Creative and innovative designs of PSD are rich in graphics, which have to be converted to Magento for faster loading and smooth user experience.

With PSD to Magento conversion services, PSD files are sliced to multiple layers for converting to HTML and CSS formats. This process requires high-end coding work that is best accomplished by professional developer. HTML and CSS formats are later integrated into Magento theme to display pixel perfect design. Convert PSD designs into pixel perfect and premium responsive theme is necessary for better results.

Get Higher Ranking for your Ecommerce Store on Search Engines

PSD to Magento theme conversion is the best option if you want to increase the ranking of your ecommerce store on major search engines. Crawlers and spiders can easily navigate through ecommerce website pages as they are developed on clean design with simple code.

User friendly websites that are built using minimal code and have clean UI/UX design are preferred by search engines. Websites based on Magento are well-structured and easy to navigate, which accounts for their higher ranking when compared with other counterparts. For better online recognition hire PSD to Magento conversion services provider.

Media-Rich Ecommerce Store for Higher Interactivity and Engagement

One major advantage of PSD to Magento theme conversion is that your ecommerce store can be designed and developed to support media (image, audio or video) with much hassle. Customers connect better with websites that possess such media elements.

For example, an online shopping website that displays videos of overall look of apparel with 360 degree view is obviously more preferred and trusted by customers than static photos of the product. Once ecommerce store is converted from PSD to Magento, it is quite simple to implement these features and functionalities.

Opt for reputed PSD to Magento conversion services from a leading IT company or outsource the work to an Indian company like Hire Magento Developers for quality work in limited budget. See a steep rise in traffic and sales on your ecommerce store with result-oriented PSD to Magento theme conversion services.

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