Magento vs. OpenCart

These days having eCommerce website is added feather for all businesses in this era of eCommerce but which eCommerce platform is right for their eCommerce website or online store is the question they are facing. There are several eCommerce platforms are available for diversified solutions.

Magento and OpenCart are two popular eCommerce tools. Magento and OpenCart both are basically open source tools of eCommerce and well known for easiness of building functional ecommerce store. Here we tried to get answer for your question.

Few Similarities between Magento and OpenCart:

  • Magento and OpenCart both are open source eCommerce solutions without any limit of users
  • Both eCommerce solutions are extremely popular and having support of respective developer community
  • Magento and OpenCart both eCommerce solutions are from PHP family as developed in PHP
  • Extensive support to multi languages and multi currencies are the basic advantage of both eCommerce solutions
  • Magento and OpenCart both are not only resource rich but having large add on products, plug-ins and extensions availability
  • Non-programming staff can easily maintain products as both uses templates to upload product
  • If you are wondering now which eCommerce solution is better for you we will discuss both Magento and OpenCart separately in detail to take your pick easily.

If you are wondering now which eCommerce solution is better for you we will discuss both Magento and OpenCart separately in detail to take your pick easily.


Magento eCommerce LogoMagento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms among all solutions available in market today. Magento is powerful, highly scalable and scalable ecommerce solutions for small business to large enterprises. Magento is useful solution for few products to few thousand products with great feature range.


Magento Community Edition is a free ecommerce solutions and Magento Enterprise Edition is a paid Magento eCommerce solutions best for large enterprises. Magento Enterprise Edition has several additional features, including full-page caching, advanced customer management and product discovery features.

Features and Advantages of Magento:

  • Unlimited control over user interface, look and feel, content marketing and improved user experience
  • Huge resource pool of developers with unlimited and affordable extensions
  • Completely SEO friendly with easy set up of SEO friendly URL, Box for Meta tags etc.
  • Best in class technical support and robust developer community to ask Magento development questions
  • Enhanced customer experience with features like order history, recently reviewed products, product comparisons, wish lists, smart customer accounts, etc.
  • Additional enterprise reporting options product search, sales, inventory and low stock reports
  • Multiple Store Management from Single Admin
  • Magento allows WordPress integration and blog integration to boost your content marketing
  • Product suggestion tools with review and ratings
  • Targeting promotion and merchandising
  • Customer segmentation
  • Multiple payment and shipping options
  • Magento is a highly scalable and customizable eCommerce solution
  • Strong built in content management system for page per page content and layout changing
  • Magento’s one page checkout is pretty well developed, and at the same time enhanced by JavaScript is not undermined with it disabled
  • One of the major benefits of Magento eCommerce solutions is the way you can incorporate eBay, PayPal, Mil, Where, RedLaser, GSI Commerce and Magento together

Drawbacks of Magento:

  • Enterprise edition may be little expensive for small business
  • Too many features may make it seem bloated
  • Costly to run in terms of hosting etc.
  • if you are a newbie you can find admin panel little clumsy, when compared to Opencart


OpenCart LogoOpenCart is also a powerful eCommerce solution for startups due to minimal investment. If you have small budget OpenCart may be right choice for your eCommerce website. OpenCart is providing easy setup but it is limited in high end. OpenCart is a light weighted eCommerce solution so it is easy to host.


Advantages and Features of OpenCart:

  • OpenCart is easier to setup though limiting at the high end
  • Simple administration and easy to use control panel is a big benefit of OpenCart
  • OpenCart is lightweight ecommerce solutions so it is easy to download and host
  • Access to information and tutorial of OpenCart is not limited
  • You will able to accept PayPal, WorldPay, SagePay and many other forms of payment through Open Cart
  • OpenCart has ability to handle large number of products easily
  • Sales reports and error logging is one of the important benefit of OpenCart
  • Backup and restore tools

Drawbacks of OpenCart:

  • OpenCart has SEO restraints and not allow custom SEO friendly URL
  • Limited options for variety of themes available and OpenCart is tough to tweak and customize
  • OpenCart has a basic level of built-in content management system
  • Checkout process in OpenCart is heavily relying on JavaScript
  • Pre Install options are extremely limited
  • API Integration is difficult
  • Less flexible and customizable than Magento
  • Not much appropriate solution for large online stores or ecommerce websites


OpenCart and Magento both are useful eCommerce solution as per the functional requirements of your online store or eCommerce websites. One of the biggest advantages Magento has over OpenCart is SEO friendliness.

Hope advantages and disadvantages of both eCommerce solutions are useful to you. If still you are not pretty sure which ecommerce solution is beneficial for you then you are free to consult experienced and skilled developers team at Hire Magento Developers.

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