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Magento SEO Development Services to Build Optimized Shopping Cart in Store

Store or E-Commerce websites created in Magento always get default benefits of search engine friendliness of Magento. Yet Magento is a search engine friendly shopping cart there is a still room of improvement. There are several magento extensions are available for magneto SEO development.

Hire Magento Developers always focus on delivering properly optimized search engine friendly Magento store. We take few steps in the process of Magento design and magento development to ensure Magento projects become more search engine friendly.

We take care several things while doing Magento SEO development, few of them are below:

Basic Consideration for Magento SEO Development:

  • Non-www to www re-direction
  • 301ing /index.php to the root
  • Canonical URL settings
  • Generating XML Sitemaps

SEO Friendly Magento Theme Design

  • Hire Magento Developers use div blocks to organize products properly and allows for cleaner code. We completely avoid the use of table based layout for the product gird.
  • Make important changes to header tags used in theme. We believe h1 tag must be unique for each and every page of websites. In Magento SEO development we provide H1 tags which gives value to user and try to avoid h1 tag on logo.
  • While we do magento SEO development we use no-follow navigation links, sorting and paging links.

Magento Pagination

  • While we do effective Magento SEO development we alter the title tag of each and every page to prefix “Page [3] of…” so that every page has unique title tag.
  • Sometimes there will be a duplicate URL of first page which is not even in out notice. We add nofoloow attribute to the first link to resolve this issue. Even better solution would be to change the pagination model.

Magento SEO Development for Multi Store Magento Implementations

  • Magento has a great capability to support multiple web store. In this you can manage all your products, orders and everything through one administration and one interface. It is more useful while you are selling one product through multiple ecommerce websites.
  • We mix up the data and never use specific titles, headers and descriptions to resolve the issue of duplicate contents we also suggest some times to different price for different store.

301ing disabled products

  • When you work on ecommerce platform one common issue every one face is the link juice. Better understanding, think you are selling one product and it gets several inbound links but after year or so product is no longer available what should we do with the pages.
  • If this happens user will get “404” Page, Hire Magento Developers suggest that at least include search and related pages by customizing “Not Found” pages but while we do Magento SEO development we redirect this no longer available product page to similar product, product category page or parent category page so user will get proper related product then 404 page.

SEO and eCommerce Platforms

Among all ecommerce platforms Magento is a most search engine friendly platform. Magento SEO development is just a process of making Magento store more SEO friendly from the time of development. Magento SEO development is a possible just because from all ecommerce platforms Magento gives enhanced flexibility to make site most SEO friendly.

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