How to Make Interactive Product Page to Sell More from eCommerce Store

Create Product Pages in Magento eCommerce Store that Maximize ROI

What you are selling is not alone important but how you are selling is equally vital for any ecommerce store. Your ecommerce store might have world’s best product but if not represented well it will earn lesser than expected. This is a reason why established eCommerce store pay close attention to product pages.

Product page that inspire customers to add product in cart are the best kind of the product pages. Now question arise how to create better and interactive product pages that improves ROI by increasing sales. Creating interactive product pages is not a rocket science but it is a task where many ecommerce website owners not get enough success.

Simple and clean layout of product page, well-structured and prominently positioned product information, large images, video of products, and eye catchy call to actions are the basic parts of the any product page.

Basic Recommendations to Create Product Pages that are More Interactive and Sell are:

Here in this article we tried to discuss how to create better product pages with the consideration that Magento platform is used for developing eCommerce website but basic elements are same for all ecommerce platforms. There are the standard elements any professional Magento development company includes while developing an interactive and sellable eCommerce store.

Keep it Simple:

Add less artificial contexts and add product information which is necessary to know don’t try to stuff all the information you have. It may be difficult for customer to find relative information and this annoy customer. This results in increasing abandonment rate so keep product page as simple as possible with only necessary information and increase sales.

Attractive High Resolution Product Images:

Customer never return back on ecommerce website for shopping if physical product is different than they scrutinized products in store. This is a most vital reason of adding large, attractive and high resolution product images. Using high quality product images from multiple angles and in familiar contexts to inspire customers to make purchase and return back to buy again.

Video to Demonstrate Product:

Using product video while creating product page to demonstrate product quickly and efficiently helps customers to learn more and easily about product. Magento might not have default functionality to add product video but it is easy to add with extension or Magento customization.

Product Pricing:

Placing product pricing prominently help customers to know what are the exact price of product. Placing product price under the product is most favorable place but product pricing can anywhere within the reach of image-sight is good. But it is good to use larger font size, different colour and bold formatting to differentiate product price from description.

Availability of Product:

Display availability of product clearly with the price don’t wait till the checkout page to break this page to customer. If you are running with low stock mention clearly in product page and provide subscriptions to get notification about product availability, price updates and other options of products.

Completely Optimized Product Descriptions:

Never use product description as in manufactures product page create your own copy of effective and completely product description for your product page with product benefits and why customer should buy it from you. In this Magetn SEO services provider can help you.

Product Variation:

Showing product variations in product page helps customers in personalize their selection. Magento helps you to add this with creating configurable products or adding custom options to simple products. You can also add it in product page with multiple options. Your ecommerce website looks more attractive with creating product configurable and enable customers to personalize products to fit their exact preferences, most advanced way to show product variation is visual configurator that produces new visual content online depending on selected options.

Product Reviews and Ratings:

Always include product reviews and ratings in product page. It helps to build confidence and generate positive vibes for your product and ecommerce website. Companies like Hire Magento Developers helps you to add product in simple yet effective manner.

Clear Payment Information and Return Policy:

Clear mention of payment information and return policy of ecommerce store on the product page helps to improve trust level of customer. Don’t keep customers in dark about payment information and return policy if possible put logos of payment provider and answers questions like what happened if I don’t like the product.

Related Products or Upsells:

Adding related products or upsells other products before customers complete their purchase inspire customers to buy product useful to them and increase sales of your products.

Trust and Quality Badges:

A small message or safety logo of a reputable company on product page can help customers to stay away from fear of getting ripped off or compromising their valuable information.

Add to Cart Button:

Optimize add to cart button and make it as a recognizable and inspire customers to make purchase of product from ecommerce store. Consider it as most vital call to action activity but don’t use red as it may pass message of warning but there is not standard rule of highlighting add to cart button.

Answer Customers Question:

For effective selling use live chat option to help customers in buying products from product page of your ecommerce store. Assist them in buying process and let them free hassle free purchasing from ecommerce website.

A/B Testing:

Never trust blindly on one copy of product page use different version of product page to improve sales and customer experience. Magento design services can help you out in getting best user interfaces and experience.

These are not thumb rules to improve the product page but these must be considered when you are creating Magento site from scratch or using PSD to Magento conversion even in Magento enterprise development. Try to see how you can create interactive experience on product page on regular basis in starting you may get few problems but in the end it helps a lot to improve sales of ecommerce website.

Make customer aware on every moment that how your product help them and inspire them to purchase. If you are stuck on how to create simple, effective, interactive product page that increases sales Hire Magento Developers is always open to offer their skills and experience with list of satisfied clients to you.

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