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How much should a Magento web development cost? This is a question We heard maximum time during our tenure and always reply that cost is between $100 and $1,000,000. We are not making fun we are serious about the cost of Magento development. There will be no fix price for the all Magento websites; it is different as every Magento websites has unique requirements.

Anyone looking for Magento web development must remember that Magento development is a service not a product. Shopping for services is always different from the shopping of product. This should consider as this affects experience of finding a professional Magento development company or individual to complete your project.

Consumers of Magento E-Commerce Website Development should consider below Points:

Orange to Orange Comparisons will be Difficult

While we do product shopping we all are driven to do comparison shopping and today’s technology makes it quite easy. While you are going to build eCommerce websites there are several platforms and Magento web development partners are available to choose from.

Magento is a one of the popular eCommerce platform but is difficult 100% orange-to-orange comparison between two Magento development providers. If the same platform is selected, there are multiple ways to do a job, which could result in price difference.

Value is Directly Proportional to Magento Development Skill level

Not all Magento development providers and developers are the same. Some Magento developers can take a more time to perform the same development task then other dedicated Magento developers. For example, some time one painter or electrician works faster than other similarly sometimes one dedicated Magento developer works faster than other.

It is important to keep in mind skill levels and hourly rate of Magento developers. Some one charge $50 for hour of Magento development work but do half Magento development work than Magento developer charging $85 per hour. Think would you pay Magento developers with 15 years of experience the same as developer just starting out.

Scope and Specification of Project Determines Time and Time Determines Magento Development Cost

If we are hiring engineering services for our home, engineer always have two costs: materials and time. But in the world of Magento web development, the material cost is quite low as it is an open source technology. Other costs are images or extensions but that are negligible in compare to entire Magento web development requirements.

Usually Magento development pricing is based on the specification and needs of project which in turn affects total Magento development cost. Best way to get precise Magento web development pricing is clear specification and discovery process.

Without properly built Magento development specification neither you nor the development company will have clear idea of how the final eCommerce will look. And this results in investment of more money and time in Magento development when you have to go back and revise.

A Magento Development Services is Provided By the People (Magento Developers)

Magento development services are provided by the dedicated Magento developers, this is a vital point to remember. How do you feel about the Magento web development company proposing the work? Are they experienced in development of Magento? Is the company structured well? Is there a strong Magento development profile? Do they give hassle free support during entire Magento development work? Do they want to make a long term partnership?

These all questions are very important for success and failure of any Magento web development requirements and this determines ability of Magento development company and client to form a solid relationship.

So, What Does a Magento Web Development Cost?

Do you think about numbers?

For example, custom eCommerce websites takes 60 hours to design, 160 hours to code and 40 hours to manage and test. That’s one month’s work and let’s says average is USD20 as hour. The project would cost USD5200. As we have discussed earlier this absolutely depends on the specifications of Magento development projects.

Is it Worth to Develop Magento Website in this budget?

Now you think we are crazy, your nephew can do it for USD500 and other affordable Magento development company can do in USD1000.

Best of Luck with that but would you have your nephew or that Magento development company can build your new home too? Consider the cost of other professional services and time you are going to invest in.

But when you build a Magento ecommerce website, you are building asset with a potential return.

We are pretty sure you would!

Unfortunately, Hire Magento Developers not able to answer any certainty what your magento ecommerce website will cost until we talk about the specifications of the Magento web development projects. But one thing Hire Magento Developers can guarantee is that magento web development we do would be most important investment you are going for long run.

Hire Magento Developers is a professional Magento development company of India providing best quality Magento development, Magento customization, Magento design or Magento extension development in best possible price. In real sense we do a magento development that becomes affordable in long run.

So what you are waiting for? Discuss all your Magento web development needs with an expert Magento developers.

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