How Much does Magento Website Cost

How Much Does A Magento E-commerce Website / Store Cost?

Magento is one of the popular and widely used open source platforms to build eCommerce website. Across the world, Magento is undoubtedly recommended for your online store. Magento is unsaid king of eCommerce because of more than 240,000 merchants like you put their trust in this eCommerce platform. In simple words, Magento website attracts more opportunities and sells more products results in more money from business. Now question arise how much does a Magento website cost?

Key Question This Article Tried to answer is:

  • What would be the cost to build Magento website?
  • How much does it cost to build an ecommerce store in India using magento?
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  • How Much Does A Magento E-commerce Store Cost?

In our past discussion we also discussed about how much Magento web development really cost and tried to answer questions from our clients about Magento website cost.

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Factors Associated with the Magento Website Cost:

Although Magento is robust, powerful and flexible eCommerce platform there are few factors associated with the Magento eCommerce store development cost.

Magento Version:

Magento has stop support for Magento Go but Magento Community is a free to download and easy to use Magento eCommerce version for small to medium sized business. While Magento Enterprise is a advanced eCommerce solution for large businesses. Basic comparison between both the Magento eCommerce versions is illustrated below to get overview of the both the editions:

Magento Community vs Enterprise

Magento Community vs Enterprise

Magento Hosting:

Magento is an eCommerce platform comes with large pool of prebuilt features and requires good eCommerce website hosting environment needed to run the store at optimum performance. Magento community edition is a free edition and hosting can be done easily on preferred host. Before 2014 Magento provides hosting with Magento Enterprise license fees but now a day they are not offering, but for generally Magento Enterprise, dedicated server is recommended. Price of hosting Magento website is different based on the Magento store’s requirement.

Hosting cost of Magento website must be gone through while you are looking how much does a Magento website cost. Our customer generally pay around USD100 to USD5000 depending on shared hosting, dedicated servers or cloud hosting.

Before hiring hosting company for Magento website confirm below things:

  • Do you need shared hosting or dedicated, cloud or multi server environment?
  • In which geographical location your targeted audience living in
  • How much traffic and transaction per day you expect?
  • How many concurrent Magento customers do you expect?
  • Do you have large catalogs? What is SKU count of your magento store?
  • Do you need content delivery network (CDN)?

Basic Magento Website Development Cost USD2700 Onwards (Custom Plan Starts from USD950)

Basic magento website development package most suitable for small business or medium enterprises require Magento site from scratch. There are two option, first is to purchase predesigned Magento theme and customize the theme accordingly your requirements and the second is to utilize PSD to Magento theme conversion services to convert PSD designs into pixel perfect Magento design. Though different for each store, Normally this package includes below:

  • Under 5000 SKU’s
  • Install the Latest Community Magento Edition
  • Integrate/Install a chosen Theme into the latest stable version of Magento
  • Simple Design Implementation
  • Set up Transactional Emails with Logo
  • Inventory System or POS Integration
  • Integrate Payment Processor such as and alternative payment methods from PayPal, Amazon, Google etc.
  • SSL Set Up
  • Product and Category Setup and Configuration
  • No Integration with Back Office Systems
  • Testing
  • Basic Shipping & Tax Configuration Set Up
  • Internal quality assurance (QA) to ensure cross-browser compatibility and functioning of all features

Custom Magento Website Cost with more than 5000SKU: USD4500 On words (Custom Plan Starts from USD1750)

This package is generally useful for established retailers and medium sized businesses. This custom Magento website cost estimation is also useful for eCommerce store owners migrating from different eCommerce platform or existing Magento version or edition. Magento theme design and Magento customization services helps to provide complete solution to online selling. Custom Magento website cost includes:

  • More than 5000 SKU’s
  • SEO Advanced Package
  • SEO Starter Package
  • Inventory System or POS Integration
  • Multilingual Store Front
  • Advanced 301 Redirects
  • Custom Home Page Design, Check Out Page, Product Landing Page Etc
  • Custom Banner/Graphics
  • Different Pricing for Wholesale, Partners, and Retail Customers
  • One Page Checkout
  • Address Validation at Checkout
  • Advanced Reviews
  • Auto-Complete Search
  • Gift Registry
  • WordPress Blog Integration
  • Social Media Sharing Option
  • Facebook Login
  • Connection With Back office Accounting Systems, Sales Force, Rewards Program, and Other Affiliate Marketing Systems
  • Testing/ QA
  • Code Documentation
  • Warranty and Support
  • Data Migration
  • Advanced Shipping Configuration

Magento Enterprise Website Cost: USD10, 000 Onwards (Custom Plan Starts from USD5000)

All features considered in custom Magento website cost estimation included in the Magento enterprise website cost and additionally Magento Enterprise development includes few features like:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Multiple Stores
  • Full Page Caching
  • Free Professional Customer Support
  • Built in Modules
  • Large Amount of SKU’s
  • Private Sales, Wholesale, Gift Registries
  • Hosted By Magento
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Targeted Promotions & Merchandising
  • Custom Coupons
  • Return Management Authorization

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    Let me explain. In my first time I used Magento, I saw it is a good solution for creating your own store, it’s lots of features there, but most of them are not free. Furthermore, it’s open-source platform, so if you have to be good Magento developer for making your store better. Either you should hire a professional developers.

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