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Magento Theme Development: Most Efficient CMS for Ecommerce Store

Magento is the most efficient content management system (CMS) used for the development of ecommerce stores. This open source and feature-rich framework is most suitable for building online stores. Magento theme development has capabilities of creating most intuitive ecommerce stores with features of product comparison, single page or easy checkout, multi address shipping, showing related product list and other engaging cum useful features.

Now that custom Magento theme development is such a popular CMS, let’s take a look at website verticals that are leveraging this open source framework:

Magento Popular Website Verticals

Magento Popular Website Verticals – Image Courtesy: builtwith

Let’s understand what makes Magento theme development the most preferred choice for building ecommerce store:

Feasibility of Custom Magento Theme Development

When it comes to developing an ecommerce store, Magento overpowers WordPress and Drupal. With a specialist or programmer like Hire Magento Developers at your service, custom Magento theme development renders results that are beyond your imagination. This framework offers high level customizations, addition of new features, installation of extensions and plugins to build a website as per business requirements and client’s preferences.

Magento Theme Development for Highly Scalable & SEO Friendly Ecommerce Stores

One strong reason influencing the choice of Magento theme development for building ecommerce stores is its capability to integrate new modules, extensions, plugins and add-ons. The extensions work independently of each other to fulfil respective functions in developing ecommerce store. Admin has the authority to provide restricted access to extensions and even hide, disable and enable extensions as per the project requirement.

Search engine optimized ecommerce website is the need of majority of online businesses in order to get higher traffic and reap benefits of increased sales. Procuring services of custom Magento theme development, client can be assured of SEO friendly template structure, site map, meta tag control and responsive mobile version of your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce stores are bound to grow over time as the customer base expands in size. To meet varied needs of customers, stores revise their product offerings and include new items. Magento theme development is scalable to expand and integrate another web server as and when required.

Robust & High Performing Ecommerce Store

Custom Magento development allows for fast query processing and minimal page loading time. These factors are utmost important from sales perspective of ecommerce store. If the website doesn’t load in few seconds, there is high possibility of visitor closing your ecommerce store and getting diverted to other option.

Good performance and high speed of website is vital to retain customers and build loyalty. Magento uses high-end caching techniques for robust performance of the website.

Magento makes it extremely easy to synchronize SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base. As a result, it is possible to keep a track of visitor’s behavior, their navigation pattern and implement necessary changes to improvise the ecommerce store. With such level of flexibility and convenience offered by Magento, it clearly emerges as the top choice of developers for building ecommerce websites.

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