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If you are an ecommerce business owner, the terms such as ‘fierce competition’ and ‘adapting to consumer market trends’ would be common for you. With so many ecommerce companies offering similar types of products or services, it is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. For online businesses, website is the only key to drive in sales. As a result, ecommerce website redesign concept is picking up pace to attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

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Let’s understand how to make the most of ecommerce store redesign with the help of following pointers:

Ecommerce Website Redesign: Simple Yet Attractive UI / UX

Website visitors are the only people who can contribute to sales. So set the right pitch for visitors such that they are compelled to make a purchase once they land on the website.

This is possible only when your ecommerce website is easy to browse, has simple navigation, clean design and high-quality product images. User interface (UI) is an important aspect that accounts for satisfying buying experience.

Open Google Analytics to get insights on visitors’ browsing history and paths. This exposes you to popular destinations of your website, which can be optimized further during ecommerce site redesign. Such minute details matter in converting visitors to buyers and generating more revenues.

Ecommerce Site Redesign for Responsive and Large Width Layouts

Mobile shopping experience is the new trend that cannot be neglected. While people prefer to shop and access ecommerce website on the go, ecommerce businesses should support this trend by developing a responsive layout of website that is specifically optimized for mobile browsers

By implementing the responsive website for mobile, you are enhancing the reachability of audience by 70%. If your website currently has an age old design that does not utilize the full screen, make it a point to have large width template during this ‘ecommerce store redesign’ project.

Include Bestsellers and Favorites on Homepage

Why not reduce customers’ efforts by including bestselling items and favorite products on the homepage? After all, who does not like being pampered? This improves customer buying experience and gives him/her a positive feeling of coming back to the same ecommerce website for making similar purchases.

In addition to this, writing succinct website content and providing product details in well-structured manner is another factor that has to be considered while Magento store redesign. When the customer has transparency of the product right in front of his/her eyes, their trust and loyalty towards the ecommerce brand increases.

Generate Higher Revenue with Ecommerce Redesign

Above discussed ecommerce web redesign ideas are sure shot methods to attract visitors and improvise their shopping experience, which eventually leads to higher revenue generation. It is suggested to hire services of outsource ecommerce site redesigning company like Hire Magento Developers that can professionally revamp your website for greater returns. Tips discussed in this article are effective as per the current market trends. However, website needs revisions from time-to-time to meet the changing demands of customers.

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