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Retail industry is the one that is most affected by growing digitization. While having an online existence has become mandatory, to have a mobile establishment in form of Magento ecommerce app cannot be neglected in any way. Retailers are leveraging the power of ‘mobile commerce’ to reach out to their target audience with minimal efforts. Magento mobile app is the best solution in front of online retailers to present to users the convenience and flexibility they desire.

Does Your Ecommerce Store Need Magento Mobile App?

Being an online retail or ecommerce store owner you may be aware of how much people are addicted to digital technology. Well you know the importance of digital presence and that’s the reason why you have established an online retail store, right? However, a matter of fact you need to learn is that change in that knowing behavior pattern of consumers is the key to success in this field.

Following graph will make the facts more clear:

Magento Ecommerce Mobile vs. Desktop

Magento Ecommerce Mobile V/s Desktop – Image Courtesy: Telegraph

This line chart shows increased inclination of people over mobile off lately in 2016. This is the change in usage pattern of retail consumers that ecommerce store owners need to understand.

Magento ecommerce app development is the solution you need to adopt to retain your existing customers as well as target new audience. This justifies why your ecommerce stores needs Magento mobile app.

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What can you expect from Magento Ecommerce App?

Before we jump to list down benefits of Magento shopping app, here’s what you need to know. Hiring services of professional Magento app development company like Hire Magento Developers can increase your chances of garnering audience attention.

This is because employing specialists ensures that the end result is up-to-the-mark and in accordance to customers’ expectations and requirements. Retailers can be assured of receiving fruitful outcomes by outsourcing their Magento mobile app development project to Indian company. They could help with their Magento customization services also.

When the project is given in safe and reliable hands, retailers can expect following benefits from their Magento mobile app project:

  • Higher traffic to Magento ecommerce app as the number of audience drastically increases to 2 million in case of iOS app and 2.2 million in case of Android app.
  • Though not all of them may download your app, but the exposure of your retail brand is definitely increased with an existence in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • It is possible to offer customers with omni-channel retailing experience by having a dedicated mobile app for your brand.
  • Customers are spoilt for convenience to access your ecommerce store anytime and anywhere, even while they are on the go. This increases their chances of making purchase from Magento shopping app.
  • It is simple to spread out word about discounts, special offers or festive promotions to target audience by sending out push notifications.

This list of benefits is much longer than pointers mentioned above. To experience it at first hand, hire services of a reputed Magento app development company today!

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