Tips to Build Trustworthy Ecommerce Store

These Essential Things Help You to Build a Trustworthy Ecommerce Store

Trust is everything, whether you have a shop at the corner of the street or you have a giant online store that sells the products across the globe. Many owners do not take security of their customers seriously and that is why they have very high bonce rate and they seem nowhere near monthly or yearly target sell. Anyone finds an online store suspicious will close the window immediately.

It only takes 3 seconds for the customers whether they can trust the website with their personal information or not. So, if you don’t want your customers run away from your store then you should ensure them proper safety and reliability with your strong ecommerce website development.

There is a reason why nearly 43% of customers feel confident with online shopping, it is because of the history of data breaching which has the name of some of the biggest industry giants. LinkedIn, Target, Sony, Yahoo and many others have faced the data breaching in the past and that is why there are less numbers of people feeling very confident about online shopping.

However, there are still some ways to build a trustworthy online store, where customers would love to shop without any fear.

You Should Be Easily Reachable:

If there is any kind of query related to the available product on your ecommerce website, or a customer needs any kind of assistance, you should make yourself easily available to solve the concerns. Making customers go round and round will make them hate your services and that is the last thing that you want for your business. You need to give your customers straight answers and also as soon as possible with the help of phone, email, chat or social media.

‘Understanding Customers’ is a book written by Ruby Newell-Legner and it shows that 91% of your customers will never visit your site again if they face poor service. The book also states that to make up for just one negative experience, there has to be 12 positive experiences. So, you should hire an ecommerce web development company which takes customer service very seriously and provide you features accordingly. Magento is a perfect platform for the feature rich online store, you just need to Hire Magento Developers.

Try to Practice Full Disclosure:

A study carried out by Statista shows that nearly 25% of the online shoppers do not complete their purchase at the time of finding unexpected shipping costs of hidden costs before checkout. There are other reasons for cart abandoning such as complex checkout process, security concerns with payment and no option of guest checkout. The chances of customers returning to the store that has hidden chargers are nearly zero. So being as transparent and specific as possible is your only rescue.

HTTPS Encryption:

HTTPS encryption adds an extra layer of security to your ecommerce website. It is general term for the configuration of web page with SSL certificate. This will allow your user to trust your store more as they know that their data will not be lost through eavesdropping at the time of exchange from browser to server. The credentials of users are at the highest risk on checkout and login pages and that is why HTTPS encryption is utmost necessary.

Never Forget to Display Trust Seals:

When you display trust seal icons show that your website is secured by a Certificate Authority. Customers will accepts your security measures easily when they see the trust badges.

Be Social Media Friendly:

Social media is your additional medium of customers services as nearly 40% of the customers use social media to talk about their bad online shopping experience. So your brand page on any social media network has to be quickly responsive to solve the concerns. Apart from that it also helps you to build trust from your customers easily and also quickly.

So, in the end, you should take all these seriously when it comes to your Magento web development company as by 2019 the industry will reach the trillion dollar milestone.

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