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Key Points to Keep in Mind During Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce web development is not at all an easy task it is a complex task. Several things to taken care from user experience to performance in the process of ecommerce web development. Development of successful ecommerce website is not lesser challenge then developing large scale enterprise website.

Developers are requested to make easy and fast process for users coming on the ecommerce website to purchase products or to know about products. Developers consider usability factors and other aspects of ecommerce web development to ensure the success of website. They take care of numerous factors during the ecommerce website development process.

Important Things to Taken Care During the Ecommerce Web Development

Every ecommerce business needs a different features and functions on the website. Also, there are several platforms are available for ecommerce web development. Which platform is better for ecommerce web development and why is a separate topic of discussion but here we would discuss few key points that developers keep in mind during ecommerce web development.

Responsive Design

There are numerous surveys saying that one fourth of the ecommerce sales would made from smart devices and mobile is a major player in all the devices. Also, use of website is increasing worldwide and ecommerce sales is a big part of this traffic. So, it is important to provide better experience to the users using smart devices and for that optimizing ecommerce website for mobile is necessary.

Implementing responsive design during ecommerce web development helps users to easily access and quick use of ecommerce website. Whatever platform you use for ecommerce web development but remember the role of smart device users. From basic navigation to checkout and payment in all aspects of ecommerce web development take care of responsive design to define the success of ecommerce website.

Support Guest Checkouts

Majority of ecommerce website owners prefers users to create an account for making purchase so, they can approach users for future sales and taking demographic information to analyze sales. However, when we think on the user prospective not everyone is interested in creating account on an ecommerce website to just a buy a product or order a product. Specially first-time users has highest hesitation in creating account although repetitive customers less hesitate to create account as they are more aware about the benefits like saving time, getting updates of future sale, offers etc.

But still implementing gust checkout during ecommerce web development is a good idea. You can also facilitate customers with guest checkout and at the end of process ask customers to create an account with the entered information. Magento is one of the popular ecommerce platform and you can also add one page check out with the Magento customization services.

Site Search is Key to Success

A survey is saying approx. 30% of ecommerce website users utilize search bar to find the products they are looking for. Search facility is a must for ecommerce website owners and it should be easy to use. During the process of ecommerce web development also add functionality like autocomplete, related products, popular products or useful products in search bar for the ease of customer.

When implementing the search bar during the ecommerce web development process empower customer with various search filters like department, size, price range, manufacturer etc. this take lesser time to reach on their desired products. For better search results include well defined and well-organized products in ecommerce website.

Security is Crucial

Security of credit card or any other payment information and other customer details like address, phone number, email etc. is necessary to kept secure. If customer believes his information or payment information is secure chances of recurring buying is increased. Implementing an SSL improves customer confidence and it also establish ecommerce website as a trusted site in search engine. So, implementing SSL during the ecommerce web development is not just a good idea but it is necessity for every ecommerce website. Also, security standards should be PCI compliance for any business which accepts credit card payments.

During the ecommerce web development process ensure that any credit card information is not stored in database and keep credit card information on file to make purchases easier for customers as storing this information in your database is big risk and ecommerce website owner is liable for the loss. If you have selected Magento a one of the most popular ecommerce web development platform a custom Magento web development services help you to get most secure ecommerce website.

Optimize Performance of Ecommerce Website

Nearly 40% website users abandon just because website taking more than 3 second load time. This is very much applicable to smart devices users also as they are mostly multi-tasking and preferred to move on if they found ecommerce website too slow.

For lowering down load time of ecommerce website use popular techniques like compressing images, combine javascript and CSS files, implementing cache etc. at the time of ecommerce web development and make sure your ecommerce website run as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up

To deliver best experience from ecommerce website development aspects are basic and absolutely required but there are many other elements are also required to keep in mind. Companies like Hire Magento Developers focus on this all small elements also while delivering ecommerce website development and deliver search engine friendly website and well-organized products listed in it.

Do you need help in understanding how to get started successful ecommerce web development? Experts in our ecommerce web development team will surly help you. Discuss your ecommerce website needs with them and feel free to ask any questions.

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