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Magento Enterprise: High End Ecommerce Solution You Can Trust For Serious Online Business

Magento Enterprise Edition is high performing and scalable solutions for fast growing enterprises. Magento Enterprise is tailored to facilitate firms with flexible and enterprise class features in their ecommerce solution. This is an enterprise grade ecommerce platform designed and developed for merchants to provide engaging omni-channel and multiple device friendly storefront experiences

Influence of Magento Enterprise

Number of online shops running on web and built with the Magento is exceptionally high. Magento offers extensive features with easy to use functionality is a reason behind making Magento one of the most popular ecommerce solution in small timeframe. Established brands inspired to use Magento as their ecommerce solution because of quality, stability, reliability and high ease of use. Magento Enterprise platform is built with same base as Magento Community but available with advance features and functionalities Magento Community Edition cannot provide.

However, which version is good can decide on the basis of detailed requirement analysis of ecommerce store, contact us to discuss detailed requirements and free estimation

Magento Community vs. Magento Enterprise Edition

After deciding to build ecommerce solution with Magento it will be a confusion that with which Magento version is feasible and good for specific ecommerce solution, Magento Community or Magento Enterprise. As Magento enterprise is a paid and comprehensive version with license fees.

However it is important to select a best version fit to you shop checking all details. Magento community edition is a wise choice for merchant shop looking for small business and few medium sized firms looking for economical ecommerce solution also firms that not depends on the revenue that is derived from the shop.

Scalability is Key

If aim is to generate large turnover from online ecommerce solution it is interesting to consider Magento Enterprise. It is a version specifically built to support higher volumes growth over free version. Migration to Magento Enterprise is a remained option for fast and better growth when there is a problem with scalability. Few signs are as below:

  • Magento Customization is been slower and it is difficult to add new functionality without re-writing existing functionality.
  • At the peak load of the online shop, ecommerce store is slow or produce downtime, responding to developments like speed factor, responsive design is not possible and having restricted growth of existing ecommerce store because of expansion is slow or not possible.
  • Supply from new warehouse, rolling our country specific ecommerce stores, introducing new brands, optimization in processing of order is require but if not possible with current ecommerce store.

Performance Scope Impact

Magento has taken performance as a base for Magento Enterprise and make it best suitable for large volume of customers, large quantities of product and a big number of support staff where support staff requires different rights. Here on the basis of log of adjustments will be helpful to identify and resolve errors in quick time.

Business Critical Ecommerce Solution

When it is a matter of higher quantities security is a concern and if every minute ecommerce store is off the error it would laid negative effect on sales, customer satisfaction and on reputations. The Magento Enterprise Edition is built with level of security that can handle higher quantities. Magento company itself offer dedicated support team for Gold solution partner.

Magento Enterprise Audience

After answering what and why it is time to discuss for whom Magento Enterprise is more beneficial. If ecommerce store generates dozens of orders in a day and more than thousand visitors a day probable Magento Enterprise is better and good choice.

Hire Magento Developers Suggests Magento Enterprise for Ecommerce Stores that Meet Below:

At Least 30,000 Orders from Ecommerce Store

Higher number of orders influence the database and Magento Enterprise has an optimization facility in from of Order Archiving that prevents large quantities of orders (consisting of orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos) from influencing the performance of ecommerce store. 30,000 orders per year means a 100 orders a day it means technical load says that may be Magento Enterprise is more viable option.

Minimal 50,000 Products

From 50,000 articles is performance in each feature (core, custom or third party) a concern. Sometimes no longer offered modules will be used by the community without a quality audit and it affects the performance of ecommerce store. Inherent in a catalog of this size, the use of links to external systems and periodically rotate import processes. Magento Enterprise’s asynchronous indexing is gains importance here.

At Least 600,000 Visitors per Year on Ecommerce Store

Amount of visitors is an estimation of load on ecommerce store. In this condition number of connections to the server takes place exactly at the same time and caused in delay for visitors. If you have 2000 visitors per day it is advisable to various techniques related to caching. Magento Enterprise Editions Full Page Cache (read below) prevents the ecommerce store from reaching at peak load as too much competitor connections – experiencing downtime.

An Ecommerce Sales over USD 800,000

Higher turnover of ecommerce store is one of the indication of well operated ecommerce solution required. Annual turnover around USD800, 000 or equivalent currency may be a point where Magento enterprise is become more appropriate solution for ecommerce store.

Additional Magento Enterprise Functionality

There are number of features are available in Magento Enterprise but it is not possible to discuss all here so we have listed few of them below:

  • Full page cache: Improve the loading time of the ecommerce store. Speed of an ecommerce store is essential for a shop with a high number of visitors.
  • A reward points system: Offer the option of using a reward points system customer activities to encourage or reward customers for their purchase, registration or subscription to the newsletter. Encourage allows customers to repeat purchases.
  • Customer segmentation: Promote to the right audience using a functionality for customer segmentation. This is based on attributes such as location, age and gender, but also following purchases, lifetime value and order quantity.
  • Gift options: Offer gift certificates to customers. Determine the values and whether the gift is sent digitally or printed for the customer. Ask yourself packaging options within this module.
  • Automatic e-mail reminder: Ability to send to customers targeted promotions, discounts or reminders. Send easily friendly e-mails to customers for example, abandoned shopping carts, wish lists and ancient old loyalty cards to increase customer retention and conversion.

Magento Enterprise is a solution for companies whose e-commerce is an indispensable part of their proposition and vision. It is not a total solution for existing problems and a possible transition process can be complex. However; it is one of the best – if not the best – solutions for e-commerce issues at this time.

Magento Enterprise Development Services Provider

Hire Magento Developers is a reputed and the proficient Magento development company has a years of experience of launching various Magento Enterprise websites with highest level of satisfaction and achieved considerable growth online. Our range of satisfied clients includes market leading merchants to small ecommerce store owners with our various services like Magento site from scratch, Magento theme design and integration, custom Magento development, PSD to Magento theme conversion and Magento enterprise website development.

Our core Magento Enterprise services includes full Magento ecommerce website build projects, custom back-end development, front-end development, performance optimisation consulting and implementation, code assurance, Magento integrations, module development and other requested. In addition to developing ecommerce stores, we have experience of working with range of complex integrations and we have developed highly considered Magento extensions.

If you are curious to know what we can do for your ecommerce store or how your Magento ecommerce solution can be revived. We are glad to discuss and tell you about the more possibilities.

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